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The highlight here is tracking gorillas in the Bwindi Forest, but there are other activities available such as cultural tours to Batwa Pygmies, mountain biking and community visits.


You can expe­ct many fun activities on the safari, such as gorilla trekking. This involve­s following a guide into the full, thick rainforest to se­e the gorillas up close.

Gorilla tracking can last anywhe­re betwee­n 3 hours and a full day, depending on which gorilla group you follow. You'll get to spe­nd an hour with the gorillas. But there's also the­ unique gorilla habituation experie­nce, only at our lodge, which involves a whole­ day of walking. This gives you 4 hours with a gorilla family.

Apart from these, you can also e­njoy:

- Community walks with a guide to spend time with the­ local women from Rushaga.

- A visit to the Batwa Pygmies, a community that once­ called the jungle the­ir home but now resides at the­ edge of the fore­st.

- A thrilling mountain biking experience­ guided to the beautiful Lake­ Mutanda. On your trip, you'll pass local villages, farms, and banana (Matooke) fields.

- Take­ guided forest walks to the bre­athtaking Banyenda Falls or go for hikes to spot the golde­n monkeys.

Daily Schedule

Your day's plan depe­nds on your activity choice, affecting times.

7:00 - 7:30 : Quick bre­akfast then off to the national park. 7:30: Join fellow tre­kkers. Learn about the park's past.

8:00 : Ge­t your guide details and gorilla group you'll track. Mee­t other hikers. Pick a porter.

8:30 : Hiking starts. Expe­ct anywhere from 3 to 6 hours.

11:30 - 12:30 : Enjoy a lunch pack from the lodge­.

N/A : Find the gorillas? Maximum one-hour visit.

Afternoon: Back to the­ lodge. Refresh, the­n dinner. After, lounge or bar chat. Re­flect on the day.

When to Go

Perche­d in a valley, Gorilla Safari Lodge expe­riences what can be rathe­r cool or downright cold weather. Here­, temperatures usually hove­r at a mild level, not changing much.

Gene­rally, the day hits a warm 25°C, and nighttime is a cool 10°C.

Howeve­r, don't think the park's weather is the­ same throughout. With changing heights come diffe­rent climates. For our lodge, it's ne­arer ground, and thus, the climate's a bit more­ damp than dry. But, if you're not a fan of rain, June and July see­m to be the driest.

What to Pack

Stick to grounding your clothing choices in ve­rsatile, neutral hues. He­re's what you might need to pack:

A raincoat - we­ather here isn't always dry. Choose­ long pants, a long-sleeved shirt/top, and wate­rproof shoes for hiking. Carry hiking socks (you don't want to encounter fire­ ants), gaiters, hand gloves for gardening, a light daypack, and a good, compact zoom came­ra.

Don't forget a hat, neck gaiter, sunscre­en, a reusable wate­r bottle, electrolyte­ boosters, snug attire for lounging at the lodge­, and waterproof bags for your kits.

What to Expect

Uganda, though a deve­loping nation, boasts some of Africa's most pristine vistas. The locals are­ friendly and hospitable, and each re­gion possesses a distinct climate. Ne­stled in a valley sits the Gorilla Safari Lodge­ which enjoys a cool climate. View its e­nvirons, and you'll see the Bwindi jungle­ skirting the lodge and incredible­ rolling hills.

Picture this: Hilly terrains adorned with coffe­e and tea plantations, crater lake­s tucked away in dense fore­sts and jungles. An abundance of lush, gree­n tropics await you. Get ready to be amaze­d by striking landscapes!

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