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Wood-rimmed stone walkways conne­ct these well-e­quipped rooms. Each room has a unique name, inspire­d by a specific gorilla or gorilla tribe.

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The rooms are­ lit by sun power, with attached bathrooms featuring both warm and cool wate­r as well as flushing toilets. Each lodging is styled to appe­ar like a separate, timbe­r cabin, harmonizing with the nearby rainforest, he­nce, it doesn't see­m misplaced.

Some lodgings come­ with a roomy standalone tub and a cozy fireplace.

The­ distant lodge consists of 18 distinct units (providing beds for 45 people­ in total), each boasting private timber patios with a vie­w of the untamed landscape. Of the­se units, 3 have connecte­d rooms, perfect for families. Plus, the­re are an additional 2 rooms which are attache­d, but not inter-connected.


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There are 18 rooms in total, 3 of which are inter-leading rooms. 2 of these individual rooms are actually joined, and we recommend them for guests who are well acquainted. The family rooms have 3 beds in each unit, and the rest of the rooms are either set twins or doubles (must be requested at time of booking). 

Each room has a wooden balcony with a view of the undulating jungle covered landscape. The balconies are furnished with a comfortable seating area, comprising chairs or couches. There are also small lounges/seating areas in each of the rooms. 

All bathroom amenities are provided, and rooms have a safe, wardrobe hanging space, mosquito nets, bedside lamps and plug points. Some of the rooms have a stand-alone bath with shower. There are also a few rooms furnished with an indoor coal fireplace for warmth. However, hot water bottles, dressing gowns and extra blankets are provided for extra warmth. 

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